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Pet dog
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Do you want pet dogs added to the Napf server


Joined: 7th Apr 2016
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30th Apr 2016

Will allow players to tame dogs.
Dogs can -
"Seek" Animals - dog will look for animals within 150 meters of the player. When it finds one, it will walk up to it and sit down and whine.
"Follow" - Dog will follow player.
Two modes - 
"Aggressive" dog will bark when a player is within 50m of it, if the object is not a player the dog will move to it and kill it.. AI etc. Respects player groups.
"Passive" dog will just follow you.
Last Edit: 30th Apr 2016 by ViPeR
Joined: 19th Jul 2015
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7th May 2016

Sounds good.

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