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Arma 3 Starwars
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15th Jul 2017

This is just a heads up for those inquiring about the Star Wars Arma 3 mod. ... etails/?id=953272069

This is the link to the collection of mods required, Apex DLC is required for some missions, however the extra mods account for this incase of people not owning it.

To get the main mod file however you must go to ... WldUVzJwTkxfN1E/view

Once that has downloaded, open the rar and extract the @SWOP_Main to your Arma 3 directory, placing the folder at the same location as your ArmA 3 exe.

Once this is done, open the launcher, once loaded click on the mods tab, then click on the more tab up top and select add watched folder, then choose the ArmA 3 folder itself not just the mod folder, this will also allow any other mods added in the future to be recognised.

If any other questions need to be answered just type it up in the Discord
Last Edit: 19th Jul 2017 by GunnerExurkun
Forum » Forums » Arma 3
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